Building a new transport network

On my new job we are upgrading the network and are moving to a new vendor.

Today there are existing Huawei network, we need to move away from Huawei and the network needs a upgrade also. We are lucky to get build a new network from scratch.

Who we are?

We are not a traditional Service Provider. We build a transport network with fiber and different Service Provider can deliver their services on our platform. The customer can then choose which Service Provider they want. This benefits the customer, but it does our network more complex. To do this we utilize something called BNG (Broadband Node Gateway). With this functionality we can ”easily” deploy services to customer. The access nodes can use the same configuration on every place.

What we are talking about.

I will write and do videos series on how to setup this from A to Z. There are not much about this on the Internet today,

Some of the technologies we are gonna explore here is :

  • Segment Routing MPLS
  • IPv6
  • BNG
  • EVPN
  • IS-IS
  • BNG
  • VRF
  • Route Policies
  • IOS-XR
  • Telemetry
  • Linux
  • ZTP
  • and many more.

This is some of the cool stuff that we are gonna explore here. In this series we are dividing in to separate topic. Not in that exact order, but we are following a new network being born.


Overview over equipment we are using here:

Cisco ASR 9903Core/BNG
Cisco NCS 540 ACC-SYSDistribution Router
Different vendorAccess swtiches.
LinuxZTP, DHCP, Prometheus, Grafana, DNS etc.
Equipment table.


Most of this is gonna be actually configuration and som is gonna be change to not exposed some company secrets. With a mixed between writing and videos this is gonna be fun.