Moving to SMPTE ST2110 Series, part 1


Now I work as a Senior Network Engineer at NEP Norway. NEP is a Live media/broadcast company. We are doing live television production and other television production. We have a variety of customers in different areas, like sports, entertainment etc. In NEP Norway we have different departments, Broadcast where I work, Media Services.

Now we are starting in Norway to move the production over to IP. This is a project that has lastet for sometime. First fase was of course define the scope of the project and if we wanted to go all IP for everything. The first step is to move some part of it over, Special the MCR.

The next section in this project for me is to look at what requirements from the broadcast side was. I needed to read a lot about SMPTE ST2110 standard, those was not familiar to me. More on that later in a another post. After that I looked at what others have done, inside the organizations and other broadcast/media companies.

There are some debates if you should go for Layer 2 (NO!!!!!) network or Layer 3 network. The majority of the people talk about Layer 2 does not know enough about networking. It’s a “easy” approach to get thing up and running, but does not scale. You have to deal with Spanning-tree issues, large broadcast domains etc.